Amazon prime video is amazon’s streaming stage which is the most competitor of Netflix and other global streaming channels. You’ll observe your favorite movies and appears without any advertisements utilizing amazon prime video. Too, amazon contributes so much in its unique arrangement which makes amazon prime video more amazing. Amazon firsts are solely accessible as they were on amazon prime video. There are so numerous devices on which you’ll be able to cast amazon prime video. Yes, separated from the mobile phone and computer you’ll be able to observe it on your smart tv as well. Check the complete list of consistent gadgets here –

On which all devices are available/supported?

It is essential to note that not each streaming gadget out there’s compatible with Amazon Prime Video. This, maybe, is since the stage is generally unused. Indeed, at that, the benefit is accessible on a wide extend of gadgets, as recorded below:

How to connect Amazon Prime Video Account from Smart TV | Where to Enter Your Code

  • Smart TVs from beat producers like Sharp, Apple TV, LG, are on Vizio,, and Sony among others.

  • Android gadgets, counting the Prime Video app for tablets and phones running on the Android OS

  • iOS gadgets, counting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch gadgets running the Prime Video app

  • Fire phones and tablets

  • Blu-ray players

  • is also available on set-top boxes like TiVo, Google TV,, and Nvidia Shield.

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

  • PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and a few other top game consoles.

All you’ve got to do is visit Amazon’s official site at and connect your Amazon Prime Video account along with your streaming device.

Where to enter the code of

In the event that you’re not mindful of where to enter the Amazon TV code, then here is the precise data. You’ll be able to enter the amazon tv code at enter code. The enter code may be a prime video activation code. This 6-digit code is given to you once you go through the registration of your device through You’ll be able to enter to utilize this enter code for your subscription. activation code?

how to get prime video on my tv

  1. Below are some simple and easy steps to follow while activating the code for :

  2. Go to the app store on your Smart TV and look for the “Amazon Prime” app.

  3. Download the app and include it in the channels list.

  4. Open the app and tap on the ‘Register on the Amazon website’ link.

  5. You will get an Amazon myTV actuation code. Note it down carefully to remember it.

  6. Now open a web browser and visit the site and enter the 6 letters Amazon Prime Verification code.

  7. Sign in to your amazon account to total your smart tv activation prepare on Amazon.

What is the login and registration process under in Roku TV?

Here are some simple steps to follow to set up the Amazon prime on your Roku TV:

  • Introduce Prime Video from the Roku Channel Store at or use the search function on your Roku device to discover and introduce the channel.

  • Launch Prime Video on your Roku and select “Sign In” from the channel’s domestic screen menu.

  • You can sign in on your Roku utilizing your Amazon username and password, or use a code to register on the Amazon website.

If you enlist on the Amazon site, you’ll appear a code within the Roku channel simply will have to be entered at After entering the code, the Roku channel will consequently log you into your account.